Build product integrations for your SaaS app in minutes, not months

API Fuse is an embedded iPaaS solution purpose built for native integration

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Building product integrations are painful.

We know, we’ve been there
Product Manager
Our users expect our Zapier integrations to live in our productBut we don’t have the resources or specific expertise to build all of these integrations in our application.
Integrate your SaaS with hundreds of widely adopted applications
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Attract and retain more customers by offering the integrations your customers expect

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Accelerate your product roadmap
Reduce the time it takes to build new integrations from months to minutes
White Label your 3rd party integrations
Allow your customers to connect their apps without leaving your product.
Gain insights
Easily list your integrations in our marketplace and gain critical insights into integration usage.
Monetize your integrations
Stop sending your users to Zapier and take full control over how you price your product integrations.
Reduce technical debt
Eliminate integration technical debt and focus on your core product, not fragile integration code.
Allow your users to easily customize their own integrations directly in your product.
Industry insights
Read how ecosystems are transforming other businesses.
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Modernize your integration strategy today!

Quick and easy as pie.
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