Security Overview

Updated Date: 02/10/2020
Our world and our businesses are far more technologically advanced than ever before. With the increase of innovation, system integration and personal data collected around the world, providing secure technology is fundamental to doing business. APIFUSE takes security and data privacy seriously, to ensure our customers information is protected at all times. Below is a summary of our security practices. This document is updated as our processes change and improve.


All of our production systems and databases are running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities, hosted in the USA.Details about AWS security:

Technical Security & Data Overview

Below are at our security processes and policies to protect our consumers data.
  1. Our customers can use Single Sign-On (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and other security features for authentication into APIFUSE.
  2. Each user's access is defined by the user roles and permissions, so they can see only what our customers want them to see.
  3. We store only the required data for authenticating with third-party applications to retrieve the required data on behalf of the users.
  4. Data in transit is encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  5. Our database instances are encrypted to provide an additional layer of data protection.
  6. We store integration data to support logging, debugging and re-running integrations
  7. We run daily encrypted backups of our databases. The backups are removed every 7 days.
  8. Our customers have the control over the retention period of their integration data.
  9. Our customers can request to have their data be removed from our system.

Physical Operations

Amazon Web Services (AWS) manages the physical operations of our application. Amazon Web Services provides best-in-class cloud data center operations.Amazon Web Services controls:
  1. 24.7.365 incident response teams
  2. Fire detection and suppression processes
  3. Redundant power sources
  4. Climate control
  5. Secure data and destruction processes
  6. Fault tolerant design with 13+ Regions


No payments are submitted through our website or Integration Application. All online payments to APIFUSE are processed through our provider on security:

Credit Card Information

Our platform does not collect or save any credit card information.

Data Privacy

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